Jack Gretsky

Jack Gretsky
CIA Agent (formerly)
Friend of Martin "Marty" Castillo
Deceased, shot dead by Martin "Marty" Castillo (self-defense) in 1985
Laura Gretsky, son Marty
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Jack Gretsky was a former Central Intelligence Agency agent who worked with former DEA agent Martin "Marty" Castillo in Southeast Asia, especially in the "Golden Triangle" region, and was thought to have been killed in the ambush by other CIA agents, but was not, and moved on to other assignments. Gretsky was an agent of the highest priority, very skilled in killing by stealth. In the late 1970s, Gretsky was working in Russia when he met and fell in love with Laura, a KGB agent. They married and had a son, Marty (named for Castillo), and was able to get his family out of Russia, however this action caused Russian agents to be sent after them. Gretsky was spending time killing enemy agents ("closing outstanding accounts"), and catching attention of CIA agents Hardin and Carter (who thought he had "turned") when he returned to Miami looking for his friend Castillo, and when he killed a drug bust involving a dealer named Herrera by killing him, tying up DEA agent Thompson, and stealing $500,000, Castillo went looking for his friend, when he found him, they talked about the old times, found out about his family and wanted his friend to care for his wife and son, then he pulled out an automatic weapon and fired at his friend, Castillo fired back in self-defense and killed Gretsky. After his death, it was found out that Gretsky was suffering from advanced terminal cancer and was in so much pain the M.E. wondered how he could walk.

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