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Jack Crockett


Con Man
Cousin of James "Sonny" Crockett
Last seen leaving in a boat with $50,000 in counterfeit money in 1989
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Jack Crockett is a cousin of Metro-Dade Detective James "Sonny" Crockett, and a con man with a long list of schemes, many of which go horribly wrong, causing him to flee for his life. In 1989 Jack arrived in Miami after a failed scam involving a restaurant chain and a loss of $50,000 to mobster Harry Grubbs, which sent Grubbs and his musclemen after him. Jack hid inside a mall clothing store and gave a salesperson a bad credit card while he stole a bunch of clothes and was caught by mall security. At his booking and interrogation Jack gave Metro-Dade a line about working for the government and that Crockett was his FBI agent, and Metro sent for him, and was not happy to see his cousin. Crockett got Jack out of his shoplifting charge and then Jack showed his cousin his new job--sales for a pool supply company, and immediately sells Ray Soliz, a drug dealer, a bogus pool cleaner, and then ran off after Soliz called Jack in. Later Jack ran into Grubbs who demanded the $50,000 Jack owed him, or else. Jack (who wears distinctive pink shoes and socks) robbed Soliz of $50,000 disguised in a mouse mask. Later Crockett met his cousin at his place and noticed Jack's furniture is all covered up. Jack paid Grubbs with the stolen money, then is caught by Soliz' musclemen, beaten up, brought back to Soliz's place and given 24 hours to get the money back, or else. Jack goes to see Grubbs and got the money again, which is paid in counterfeit money, which brings out drug lord Octavio Escondero (who printed the money himself) and demands Jack pay him or die. He brings Crockett in and they attempt to set up Escondero, but Jack blows their cover by bragging to Grubbs about his "cop cousin" (but Jack did not know Grubbs and Escondero were working together) and Escondero plans to kill both, but Crockett and Jack fight their way out, kill Escondero and Soliz, and Jack flees with $50,000 of counterfeit money, after which Crockett says he doesn't want to see his cousin again.