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Jack Colman


CIA Agent (formerly)
Private Security Officer
Handler of The Savage
Deceased, killed by a Vietnamese Army soldier impersonating deceased Inspector Nguyen Van Trahn
Episode Appeared In
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Jack Colman was a former Central Intelligence Agency agent who was assigned to handle trained assassins used in Operation Phoenix in Vietnam late in the 1960s and 1970s. He had only one assassin under his wing, The Savage, who eliminated 40+ Viet Cong (VC)'s before he was emasculated by a prostitute, which sent The Savage into a rage against prostitutes he could never control. Colman used The Savage to eliminate Communists and suspected Communists worldwide, despite The Savage's tendency to kill six prostitutes in a two week span everywhere they went. In 1987, Colman was working for a private security agency assigned to protect a national, Juan Espinoza, regarded by some as a Communist, but in reality he is there (along with The Savage) to kill Espinoza. The Savage kills three prostitutes while Colman ran interference with investigating Metro-Dade detective Martin "Marty" Castillo and his Vietnamese friend Nguyen Van Trahn. After The Savage and Colman are revealed by another CIA operative, Castillo and "Trahn" head to Espinosa's place to stop the assassination, and The Savage was killed by "Trahn", who then went to see Colman and threw a K-Bar knife at the handler, killing him.