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Ivory Jones


Deceased, killed by Juan Carlos Silva in 1985
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Ivory Jones was a pimp who wore an ivory necklace (owing to his nickname as well as his former role as smuggler), and formerly worked for Juan Carlos Silva before getting out. During the Vietnam War, Jones arranged for Vietnamese girls to be sold to American soldiers for as much as $5,000, as well as bringing them into the brothels, something he continued to do in his pimping operation in Miami. He brought in Silva's woman, Rosella Maestres as one of his girls, mainly to get her away from Silva, but after Rosella was injured by a john and taken to the hospital, Silva's partner, Roberto Penaro, got her out and back to Silva, and Jones got back into Silva's organization to help Rosetta and Metro-Dade Vice working the Silva case. But Jones got too close to Rosetta (and apparently Silva found out about her working for Jones) and Silva had Jones killed, showing Rosetta Jones' ivory necklace as proof.