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Lieutenant for Montoya Cartel
Last seen fleeing to Cuba after being set free by James "Sonny" Crockett
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Isabella is the girlfriend of Arcángel de Jesús Montoya, his lieutenant and acts as accountant, financial advisor and shot caller for operations for his cartel, based in Paraguay. Crockett and Tubbs first encounter her in Haiti while seeking employment with Montoya's cartel as part of an operation to bring down an Aryan Brotherhood group operating in Miami, responsible for the death of several undercover FBI agents. Shortly after Crockett and Tubbs being working for her cartel, Isabella travels to Cuba illegally with Crockett and begins a relationship with him, initially under orders from Montoya to obtain information but eventually leading to real feelings between them both. Isabella is also coveted by Montoya's Lieutenant, José Yero, and when he finds out about their affair he schemes to eliminate Crockett and Tubbs with the aid of the Aryan Botherhood. During the showdown between the vice squad and Yero's men, Isabella learns of Crockett's true identity and attacks him. Before backup can arrive Crockett takes her to a safehouse and promises that he will let her go and that she will not be followed. The two say a heartfelt goodbye before one of Crockett's associates arrives and takes her by boat to Cuba.