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Ira Stone


Former Journalist, U.S. Army
Friend of James "Sonny" Crockett
Freelance Writer
Deceased, shot by O'Hara in 1986
Episodes Appeared In
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Ira Stone was a journalist in the U.S. Army until 1975, when the Vietnam War ended. He was also a friend of James "Sonny" Crockett and served with William Maynard (a.k.a. "Captain Real Estate"). During the closing stages of the war, Stone heard rumours of an officer in the US Army, known only as "The Sergeant", using bodybags containing KIA soldiers as a means to smuggle his stockpile of heroin out of Vietnam and back to the United States (one of the bodybags being used contained the body of a mutual friend of Crockett and Stone's, an infantryman named Shepard).

In 1985, Stone meets back up with Crockett and continue their discussion about "The Sergeant", as his heroin is hitting the streets, but due to the drug's exposure to wood alcohol, became toxic and was killing people in California, and the drugs have moved to Miami. Stone and Crockett checked with the VA but found no help, but later on Crockett's SCARAB a mysterious Asian, Hmung, began raining mortar fire down on Crockett's boat. Stone (possibly due to a form of PTSD) shouts "Incoming!" whenever that happens ("Medic!" when he's hurt). Stone and Crockett find Maynard and they discuss the deadly drugs, but Maynard thinks it's a Chinese plant which makes Stone angry and takes Crockett's car to leave, later found in a warehouse. Stone and a drug middleperson named Dakotah were arranging deals, later to meet Maynard privately so Stone can threaten Maynard with exposing him as The Sergeant", later Maynard has Stone's wife killed, then shoots Stone, wounding him. Crockett later kills Hmung but Maynard gets away and Stone is taken to the hospital for his wounds.

One year later, Stone is in Nicaragua, filming what he thinks are American combat troops in a town called Acension (in violation of the Boland Amendment) when his cameraman is killed by a soldier (later shown to be O'Hara), an American missionary is killed, and Stone flees with his taped proof, then makes a collect call to Crockett to meet him again so he can sell his story to a local TV station, but is shadowed by mysterious suited men wherever he goes, is nearly shot at a TV station, then is kidnapped by the person behind the troops--Maynard--who has organized a private militia to assist the Contras in their war against the Sandinistas, and wants Stone's tape never to see the light of day. Stone is later tortured by O'Hara, who hangs him up by his arms, later shoots him in various places with a .22 gun. Finally, Crockett and Tubbs find Stone, but a shootout ensues, mortally wounding Stone (who dies in Crockett's arms) and Maynard escaping to Nicaragua with his militia. Stone's tape is later aired on television, but the soldiers were identified as Sandinistas, not the private militia.