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I'm So Excited


Featured in Episode
Top Chart Position (Hot 100)
30 (November 27, 1982, two weeks), re-release 9 (October 27, 1984, one week)
Year Released
1982 (re-released 1984)
So Excited
Break Out
Ruth Pointer, Anita Pointer, June Pointer, Trevor Lawrence
RIAA Certification
Sequence song appears
In Linus Oliver's bar
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"I'm So Excited" is a song by The Pointer Sisters, featured on the album So Excited in 1982 and released as a single in September of that year. It was later re-released on their album Break Out in 1984. The song appeared in the Miami Vice episode "Calderone's Return (Part I)".


  • "I'm So Excited" was originally released in 1982 (included in the soundtrack to the movie Summer Lovers) and did not chart above #30. When the Pointers' album "Break Out" performed well in 1983-84, the song was re-released and added to the album in a remixed version (the version heard in the episode), replacing a track called "Nightline".
  • The song was still moving up the charts when "Calderone's Return (Part I)" aired, hitting the Billboard Top 10 on the airdate.
  • Anita Pointer provided lead vocals, with sisters Ruth & June singing backup.
  • In this song, the Yamaha GS2 patch “Synth Brass” and Oberheim DMX were heard.