Howard Jones


Miami Vice Performer
February 23, 1955, Southhampton, England

John Howard Jones (born February 23, 1955, Southhampton, England) is a British synthpop artist whose song "Assault and Battery" appeared in the episode "Little Miss Dangerous" of the show Miami Vice.


Jones began his career in 1982, his first single, "New Song", charted in 1983 in the Billboard Top 30, and his first album, Human's Lib, did well due to heavy MTV airplay of his videos of "New Song" and "What Is Love?". In 1984 his Dream Into Action album included his first Top 10 singles, "Things Can Only Get Better" and "No One Is To Blame", as well as his other hits "Assault and Battery" and "Life In One Day". Jones played at Live Aid and went on a worldwide tour. But Jones' music fortunes were changing, and his next three albums, 1986's One to One, 1989's Cross That Line (featuring "Everlasting Love", his final Top 40 single) and 1992's In The Running did not do well commercially. Jones continues to tour and release albums; he has released six studio albums between 1994-2015, the most recent album was Engage.

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