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Girlfriend of Stan Switek
Relationship ended sometime in 1989 due to Switek's deepening gambling addiction
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Holly was a girlfriend of Metro-Dade Detective Stan Switek, his first one since he broke up with Darlene in 1985. They began dating in 1989, and seemed happy together, until Switek began to spiral into a gambling addiction which resulted in debts totaling more than $100,000, as well as overall job burnout and his recent failure to advance in the department, but he refused to tell Holly what was bothering him. When gambling muscle led by Marvin Goodman threatened Holly's life unless Switek either paid his debts or talked Kevin Mulhern, who had debts over $200,000, to throw a playoff game, Switek, wracked with fear, anger, and embarrassment, went on a binge of gambling, drinking, and fighting, all the while keeping Holly waiting at his place for dinner, finally she left both the apartment and Switek in anger and disgust, and despite her waiting at her place for Switek to call, he never did.

After the death of Goodman, Holly promised to help Switek through his gambling issues, although her conspicuous absence as his problems came to a head a few months later seems to imply she in fact could not take his self-destructive addiction, and was forced to leave him.