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Gun Runner
Incarcerated, weapons violations
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Holiday was a gun runner, working with Walker Monroe and Gordon "Crossbones" Cavis from a Chicago gang. Holiday's men are ruthless in their dealings; one group of weapon suppliers was stopped cold by Holiday's gang before they could reach their destination; Vice detectives James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs. After this turn of events, Crockett and Tubbs meet with Holiday, Crockett (under stress for shooting the 13-year-old Cavis, a.k.a. "Jeffrey McAllister") gets rough with Holiday, throwing him head-first into a pinball machine and ready to shoot him when Tubbs backs him off and makes a deal, which was settled later when Tubbs and Switek (replacing Crockett) agreed to take his Belgian Brownings in exchange for $100,000. Metro-Dade Vice then raid the deal site and arrest everyone, including Holiday.