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Gardener and Co-hort of William Maynard
Deceased, shot dead by James "Sonny" Crockett while hiding in mangroves in the Florida Keys in 1985
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Hmung (or Mr. Hmung, as he is sometimes referred to) is a disfigured Laotian man who was brought into the United States by William Maynard. Hmung knew Maynard in Laos and presumably assisted him with his covert drug trafficking activities during the Vietnam War. At some point after the war Hmung was confined in a prisoner of war camp where he was tortured and subjected to inhumane treatment. Maynard eventually secured Hmung's release and he was brought into the United States in 1984. Hmung was extremely devoted to Maynard and followed his orders without question. He began to work as the Maynard's gardener (having a "green thumb" for Chinese Peonies) but only as a cover for his real operations—to assist Maynard in distributing his Vietnam-era heroin, making contact and arranging sales with Dakotah and other low-level players. In 1985, presumably under orders from Maynard, Hmung snuck into a downtown Miami parking garage from where he attacked James "Sonny" Crockett and Ira Stone in Crockett's Scarab cigarette boat with mortar fire. Later, impersonating a taxi driver, he abducted and killed Ira Stone's wife (going so far as to remove her wedding ring so Maynard could use it to intimidate Stone) in order to intercept the typewritten manuscript of Stone's blockbuster story about "The Sergeant" before it could go to the news media. Hmung ultimately tried to kill Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs but Crockett shot Hmung dead in a mangrove stand near Maynard's Florida Keys fishing lodge. Hmung's death distracted Crockett and Tubbs long enough for Maynard to escape on his fishing boat. Though Hmung's disfigurement is never explained, it may be a result of war or from the violent treatment he received from the guards of the prisoner camps.