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Herb Ross


Metro-Dade Detective
Incarcerated, extortion
Played By

Detective Herb Ross was an officer with the Metro-Dade Police Department. He and his partner Dan Garcia were running an extortion racket targeting call girls working at a Miami hotel.

Both Ross and Garcia were busted by OCB as part of an undercover operation.


Extorting hookers

Ross and his partner Garcia began supplementing their income by extorting a group of hookers using a Miami hotel as their base of operations; they threatened the prostitutes with jail unless they handed over a portion of their earnings every week, and beat any girls who refused to pay up. Their actions drew the attention of OCB, and Crockett and Tubbs went undercover as hotel security to try and root the dirty cops out. While working the scam at the hotel, Ross was also contacted by one of the guests, career criminal Albert Szarbo, who had been hired to rob the hotel's security deposit vault by General Lao Li, but in fact planned to double-cross his employer and make off with the loot himself. To this end, Szarbo had Ross set up an out for him and his accomplice after the job.

Having had little luck busting the dirty cops, Crockett and Tubbs eventually enlisted the help of one of the hookers, Candy James, who agreed to assist with the investigation in exchange for having her record wiped clean. One evening, Ross and Garcia pulled her aside and threatened to turn her in if she didn't pay, unaware that she was wearing a wire and recording them incriminating themselves. Soon afterwards, Ross and Garcia were suspended pending trial.

Working with Szarbo

Having guessed that it was the hotel security team who had ratted them out, Ross approached Szarbo and warned him that Crockett and Tubbs were snitches. Szarbo and Ross confronted the undercover Vice cops outside the hotel, but Candy lied for them, claiming it was actually her who had ratted Ross out to the police. Furious, Ross assaulted her, receiving a beating from Crockett and Tubbs in return that convinced Szarbo of their covers.

Despite his suspension, Ross later went to meet with Szarbo and his accomplice after they robbed the hotel vault, intending to help therm flee the city as they had arranged. However, when he arrived at the motel where they had agreed to meet, he found they had been mutilated by Boon Phratek. Convinced they were dead, he fled back to his home, where he was later arrested by Crockett and Tubbs, at which point he eagerly told them what he knew.