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Police Commissioner
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Metro-Dade Police Commissioner Henry Williford was appointed to his position in January, 1989. His attitude toward the department was to use positive PR as much as possible, to let minor cases slide, and to engage as many politicians as needed to secure funds to help the department succeed.

In 1989, just after his appointment, Williford encouraged Organized Crime Bureau Commander Martin "Marty" Castillo to let go of his pursuit of a drug case involving Congresswoman Madelyn Woods' campaign to ensure funding for DEA (and the department) would continue, but Castillo declined, and the resulting setup by Woods' campaign to get Castillo fired and/or jailed came from this. Later that year, Williford saw another chance to help the department's image by encouraging Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs and Stan Switek to allow a film crew led by Eric Terry follow the "typical day of a Miami Vice cop" for a TV program, which, once again, had disastrous results as the crew caught the life and death of "Miracle Man" Jorge "Georgie" Esteban.