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Hector Sandoval


Former Central American Political Prisoner
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Hector Sandoval is a recently (1986) released political prisoner from an unnamed Central American country. According to Sandoval, he was arrested because he was a poet, and that "poets were unacknowledged legislators", and spent one year in prison. While in prison he wrote a political memoir that raised the ire of the right-wing death squads, and he has arrived to visit Washington to testify about the conditions in his country. He is wheelchair-bound, but that does not stop him from having a constant eye on the ladies, and loves to party. His daughter, Blanca, traveled with him along with her boyfriend, assassin Manuel Guerrero, a former student of Sandoval's. Sandoval avoided an assassination attempt by Carmen (a.k.a. La Muerta) at a function, and continued partying. He is very picky about his accommodations, leaving a hotel because he thought it wasn't good enough. The death squads pursuing Sandoval kidnap his daughter in the lobby of a hotel and demand a trade--her life for Sandoval's. When Sandoval arrives, the Vice team eliminates the death squad, but Guerrero makes an attempt to assassinate Guerrero, but Vice detectives Crockett and Tubbs shoot Guerrero down, and he makes it to Washington for his congressional testimony.