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This article is about the CIA Agent. For the DEA Agent/Metro-Dade Detective, see Joey Hardin.



CIA Agent, working with Agent Carter
Deceased, killed by Surf and KGB Agents
Episode Appeared In
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Hardin is a Central Intelligence Agency Agent, working with agent Carter to track down renegade CIA agent Jack Gretsky, which they have to Miami. Hardin and Metro-Dade Lieutenant Martin "Marty" Castillo have a history together, possibly back to the Golden Triangle days, and when Castillo arrives at their cover house to find out if Gretsky is sanctioned, Hardin agrees to explain their reasons for being there and why they are looking for Gretsky, later seeming uninterested that Castillo killed Gretsky in self-defense. Later, an American (turned KGB), Surf, kills both Hardin and Carter at their cover location.