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Hans Weitzler


Arms Dealer
Incarcerated, attempting to receive stolen property (HAVOC)
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Hans Weitzler is a major illegal arms dealer, mainly supplying weapons to third-world and unfriendly nations, terrorists and criminals, including members of the Librizzi crime family. James "Sonny" Crockett described him as "living proof that man did indeed evolve from slime." Weitzler lives on a large yacht, the Gulfstreamer II, filled with bikini-clad women, champagne-serving waiters and armed henchmen in suits. He is characterized by extreme self-confidence bordering on arrogance and a general lack of empathy for others. In 1989 Weitzler arranged to obtain a prototype of a new weapon, the HAVOC device, from Salvatore "Sal" Lombard, the estranged son of Al Lombard. The HAVOC, which stands for High-Voltage Vehicle Override Capacitor, was developed by Dr. Lawrence Fowler of Systex Corporation, and is essentially a stun-gun for vehicles instead of people. Fowler conspired with Sal to steal the device under the assumption that no one would get hurt. But when one of Sal's associates, Johnny Gottman, was killed during the theft, Sal refused delivery to Weitzler and demanded that he pay another $100,000 to compensate Gottman's family, threatening to find another buyer for the HAVOC otherwise. However, the ongoing feud between Frederico Librizzi and Al Lombard prevented delivery even further when Librizzi's hitmen killed Sal instead of Al during a botched shooting. Enraged that Librizzi's petty vendetta against Al Lombard would jeapardize a transaction of such considerable value, Weitzler summoned Librizzi to his yacht and demanded he find the HAVOC device in five days...or else. Ultimately, Al Lombard located the device and handed it over to Miami Vice to take down Librizzi, and Weitzler was later arrested for attempting to receive stolen property.