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Hank Frazier


Reporter for the Miami Record
Deceased, killed by "bookie muscle" for unpaid gambling debts
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Hank Frazier is a reporter for the Miami Record, and also working behind the scenes on political "dirty tricks", digging up dirt on political candidates and using it for personal gain, blackmail, and his gambling addiction. During the 1988 Florida gubernatorial campaign, Frazier was employed (covertly) by Myles Cowan (the opponent of Tom Pierce, along with a network of Angelica Payson (the madam who ran a mobile bordello) and Barry Bloom, a master of dirty tricks, to infiltrate Pierce's campaign; Bloom taking Pierce onto Angelica's train, then Pierce gets caught by Metro-Dade's Vice division (who was running a sting), and Frazier spoke to Pierce privately before a speech, then the candidate went out and announced he was suspending his campaign. Frazier took $10,000 from Cowan for getting Pierce out, then blackmailed Cowan for the general election, demanded Angelica's "little black book" for use in smearing Cowan, but she refused, leading to her death by Frazier, and took large salary advances from the Record because of his mounting gambling debts, which was not even close to what he owed. In an act of desperation, Frazier called Crockett and Tubbs to admit he killed Angelica and that he had info on Cowan as well as Pierce's source of his campaign financing, but that he also owed $75,000 (that he didn't have) to gamblers and they were sending muscle to collect, they arrive before Crockett and Tubbs, and the muscle kills Frazier. After Frazier's death, the muscle were indicted on his murder and Pierce leaped back into the campaign.