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Low-level drug smuggler
Played By

Hank was a low-level drug smuggler working in the Everglades and a friend of Joey Bramlette. When Bramlette's daughter Tammy was kidnapped by drug smugglers working for Enrique Ruiz, Hank was one of several people who helped rescue her.


When Tammy Bramlette was kidnapped by men working for Enrique Ruiz to stop her father Joey testifying against Ruiz in a Miami court, Hank was one of the men who came to Bramlette's aid. All those who agreed to help met up with Bramlette in the house of Pa Ryan, where the group armed themselves and began planning their rescue attempt. They were soon joined by Crockett and Tubbs, who had pursued Bramlette out of Miami for skipping on the trial. After some encouragement, they were able to convince the Vice cops to help them rescue Bramlette's daughter.

Hank joined Tubbs in assaulting one of Ruiz' drug delivers to keep his men distracted while Crockett and the rest of the group rescued Tammy. Hank and the others at the drop site killed the Colombians guarding it, buying Crockett the time he needed to save Tammy.