Inmate in Bolton Prison
Leader of the Aryan Sons gang
Deceased, beaten to death by inmates
Episode Appeared In
Played By

Hammer is an inmate in Bolton Prison near Miami, and is also the leader of the Aryan Sons gang inside the facility. Tall and blonde-haired, he intimidates all other prisoners, except Samson, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood gang, with whom has had disagreements. Hammer is also in league with the watch commander, Fox, on a deal that they lean on inmates who are drug dealers to get contraband into the prison so the Aryans can sell the drugs and the guards get most of the money from them. Hammer was responsible for debt collections, even taking Carl's (another inmate and friend of Samson) eye from him. In 1986, Tubbs, a Vice detective, was brought into the prison to "break the chain", and immediately had conflicts with Hammer and the Aryans, beating him up in the kitchen and ready to kill him in the yard when Samson took him in and paid for it with his life. Later Hammer and Fox are caught alone during a riot caused when Martin "Marty" Castillo got into Bolton to get Tubbs out and are beaten to death by the other inmates.

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