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Gus Albierro


Career Criminal
Owner-Operator, Auto Repair Shop
Former member of Frank Hackman's gang
May 27, 1929 (per printout obtained by Switek)
December 12, 1986 (shot by ex-wife Felicia)
Felicia (divorced in 1978)
Carmen (until his death, two children)
Episode Appeared In
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Gus Albierro (1929-1986) was a career criminal, with an extremely long rap sheet including money laundering, armed robbery, extortion, B&E, GTA, arms smuggling, and many others. He was a member of Frank Hackman's gang, linked to fourteen jobs with him, until he left the gang after his then-wife, Felicia, began an affair with Hackman (eventually divorcing Albierro and marrying Hackman). Albierro then met and married Carmen, who got him away from the criminal life, had two young children, and settled into life owning and operating an auto repair shop. In 1980 Albierro testified against Hackman at his trial for killing Metro-Dade detective Frankel, sending him to Death Row. In 1986 Albierro was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, and to provide for his family he accepted money from Hackman to recant his previous testimony and say Hackman, Tommy Barkley, and Albierro were in Daytona, not Miami, on the night of Frankel's murder. Albierro went to see Father LaFrano of his church to confess this information, which started the ball rolling toward Hackman's eventual pardon, but Carmen intercepted a letter from Felicia, which angered her because she thought her husband had put that part of his life behind him, and threatened to leave Albierro and take their kids with him. Later that night, a woman (Felicia) stopped by Albierro's shop and shot her ex-husband to death.