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Gordon Wiggins


Record Company Executive
Partner of Paul Fremont
Incarcerated, attempted murder, extortion
Episodes Appeared In
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Gordon Wiggins was a record company executive working with Paul Fremont. Their company distributed recordings for Caitlin Davies among others, working closely with manager/producer Tommy Lowe. After Lowe's arrest on payola charges, Fremont and Wiggins devised a plan to eliminate Lowe to prevent him talking and causing the Payola Subcommittee to reconvene. After Lowe's death, Fremont and Wiggins then set their sights on Caitlin, planning to shutter her revitalized recording career by first digging all dirt on her new husband, Sonny Burnett, then promoting her album heavily and preventing Caitlin from touring, forfeiting a large payout. After dragging Burnett's name through the mud and finding out he is a drug dealer, Wiggins (along with Fremont) work out a drug deal with Burnett/Crockett, along with a photo shoot for Caitlin's new album tour. The deal and the shoot were a ruse to lure Caitlin into a hit, as the photographers were hitmen, but Crockett killed both and then shot the car Fremont and Wiggins were driving in, the car wrecked, Wiggins was dragged off and arrested, Fremont was left inside and died when the car exploded.