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Glenn McIntyre


Metro-Dade SID Officer
Deceased, committed suicide rather than surrender to James "Sonny" Crockett
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Glenn McIntyre was a Metro-Dade SID Officer who showed up after a booby-trapped room where a warrant was being served resulted in the death of Detective Eddie Trumbull and injured Detectives Bobby Cruz and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs. After Tubbs became angry about the department's lack of support for him and quit the force, McIntyre, who was working with (and having a relationship with) a Justice Department employee named Vicky (who was the source of the leaks), invited Tubbs to join him in taking Vice files on certain individuals in exchange for money. Tubbs agrees (as this is his and Castillo's plan to flush the leak out) and takes case files from OCB to McIntyre, but he is not happy with that info and wants the entire file from a suspect, Onofrio Avila, and if Tubbs provides it both he and McIntyre will become very rich. But as part of the ruse Tubbs requested an arrest warrant for McIntyre, but was discovered by Vicky before backup arrived to help Tubbs, and he was made and taken to a boat to be killed. Cruz contacted James "Sonny" Crockett to let him know where Tubbs was and to "get the bodies" as he planned to kill everyone, including Tubbs. Cruz shoots down two of Avila's goons before McIntyre mortally wounds Cruz, but Crockett arrives and demands McIntyre surrender, but McIntyre refuses, and points his revolver at his own heart and pulls the trigger, killing himself.