Gina Calabrese (Film)

Gina Calabrese
Played By
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Marital Status
Detective, Metro-Dade Organized Crime Bureau-Vice Division

Gina Calabrese (played by Elizabeth Rodriguez) is a Detective of the Miami-Dade Police Department and an undercover detective in the Organized Crime Bureau - Vice Division in the film adaptation of the Miami Vice television series. Gina is well trained in weapons handling and close-quarters engagements.

Career In Vice

Gina is first seen inside The Mansion, performing close surveillance during the operation to bust Neptune, and later accompanies the Vice team when they go to see their informant Nicholas about finding employment with José Yero. She also plays a major role in rescuing Trudy Joplin from the Aryan Brotherhood, entering the trailer where she is being held with Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs and eliminating the last Brotherhood member, despite his threats to blow them all up if she tries anything. She is later involved in the firefight with Yero, his right-hand man Coleman, and their goons, providing covering fire and attending to Zito's wounds when he is shot in the leg.


Gina's sidearm is a Springfield Armory XD Tactical chambered in .45 ACP in the film, although she is never seen drawing or firing this weapon. She is, however, seen using a Heckler & Koch G36C assault rifle on several occasions, including the rescue operation at the trailer park and the final shootout at the docks.

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