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Jorge "Georgie" Esteban


"Miracle Man"
Cousin of Izzy Moreno
Deceased, killed in shootout with Carlos Perena's men
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Jorge "Georgie" Esteban is a cousin of Izzy Moreno who operates as a self-styled superhero with the name "Miracle Man". Esteban is a former drug user, who gave up the habit when his daughter, Theresa, died from an OD, deciding instead to take up a one-man crusade against drugs, donning a T-shirt with a "M" emblazoned on the front and calling himself "Miracle Man". He first made his presence known in 1989 in a drug deal involving a dealer named Torres, when "Miracle Man" appeared with a gun and ran Torres off (later finding the "gun" was made of chocolate). Later "Miracle Man" took some of the drug dealer Carlos Perena's money and threw it into a crowd, and challenged Manuel Aguila, another drug dealer, which resulted in an altercation, during which Aguila was shot dead. Esteban's reaction to the shooting revealed that "Miracle Man" is a manic depressive (resulting from the shock of his daughter's death), needs treatments, and is taken to a mental hospital. But Esteban's alter-ego also caught the attention of a television producer, Eric Terry, who wanted to make a show about "Miracle Man"'s crusade, and makes Esteban a new costume for another confrontation with Perena, during which a shootout occurred between Perena's men and Metro-Dade police. Perena was killed, but so was Esteban, screaming like a bitch when he died.