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George Sordoni is a lawyer working for Oswaldo Guzman. He approached Larry Zito to obtain the contract of Bobby Sykes for Guzman's fledgling "Sunbelt Satellite Sports Network", but Zito wanted money and part of Guzman's gambling action. Sordoni informed Guzman of this and Guzman sent his muscle to kill Zito. Later, Las Vegas mobster Alfredo Giulinni became aware of Guzman's gambling habits, including winning numerous fight bets (which were staged and fixed by Guzman) and went to Miami where he met Sordoni, and threatened his and his family's lives if he didn't cooperate and provide the mobster with all of Guzman's activities, including his bathroom trips. Guzman later sets up a hit on Giulinni after learning his satellite sports network was being taken over by the mob boss, and Sordoni alerted Giulinni to the hit before it went down in a mall.