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Gun runner working with Ramone and Tony Amato
Incarcerated, gun running
Played By

Gentile was a gun runner working with Tony Amato and fellow ex-National Guardsman Ramone to sell a consignment of Stinger missiles stolen from a National Guard armory.

He was arrested by Tubbs in a sting operation launched by OCB and the FBI.


While serving in the National Guard, Gentile met an befriended fellow National Guardsman Ramone, and after being discharged the two men developed a plan to steal high-powered weaponry from a National Guard armory and sell it on to the highest bidder. As well as M60 machine guns and grenades, the duo managed to acquire several Stinger surface-to-air missiles, which they planned to sell to an international buyer through their associate Tony Amato. An operation to recover the Stingers was immediately launched by the FBI.

While Amato set up the Stinger deal, Ramone, Gentile and a third man attempted to sell hand grenades to a buyer in Miami, not realizing the buyer was actually an undercover Crockett. Ramone and Gentile escaped the bust, but brought Amato to the attention of OCB. The Vice squad eventually arranged a second sting operation, this time with Amato over the sale of the Stingers; Ramone was present, and was arrested by Tubbs, along with Amato.