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Frederico Librizzi


Mob Boss of Al Lombard
Deceased, shot dead by James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs after fatally shooting Al Lombard
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Frederico Librizzi was the son of the Don of the Librizzi crime empire, who assumed the post of Don after his father's death. One of his employees was Al Lombard, who was loyal to the elder Librizzi but feels uncomfortable taking orders from a man much younger than he. In 1985 Lombard was maneuvered into testifying against Librizzi to avoid a contempt citation, as a result Librizzi sent his hitmen (including Lombard's close confidante, Charlie Fusco) to kill Lombard, but were unsuccessful. Lombard took his oath and pled the Fifth, posted bond on the contempt citations, then fled Librizzi's gun men and went into hiding.

By 1989 Librizzi was tired of Lombard in exile so he paid a judge off to dismiss the contempt citations, claiming

Librizzi in 1989

Lombard was "not in the best of health", when in reality Lombard was fine, but the ruse did its' job, it flushed out Lombard and he went to see his son Sal and found out his son was dealing in stealing a government device, the HAVOC, but Sal was later accidentally killed by Librizzi's hitmen who were after his father. Lombard swore revenge on his former boss, but he made his old enemy James "Sonny" Crockett a promise that he wouldn't kill Librizzi. During a meet with Crockett, Tubbs and Librizzi to purchase the HAVOC device, Lombard showed up unannounced and acted like he was pulling a gun out of his jacket, but he was actually unarmed; Librizzi immediately shot Lombard, shortly before Crockett & Tubbs shot Librizzi dead. Lombard died from his wounds just mere moments later, but not before lamenting that he managed to avenge his son's death while still keeping his promise to Crockett.