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Metro-Dade Detective, Robbery Division
Partner of James "Sonny" Crockett
Deceased, Shot dead by Frank Hackman
Episodes Appeared In
Played By
Luke Halpin (uncredited)

Frankel was a Detective in the Metro-Dade Robbery Division, working as the partner to James "Sonny" Crockett. In 1980, Frankel was working undercover and got into a gang led by Frank Hackman, but his cover was blown as just after Crockett dropped Frankel off at his home preparing for busting Hackman the next day, Hackman (wearing a mask) blew Frankel away in his home in front of his wife and kids. Hackman was convicted of Frankel's murder and sentenced to death, but was pardoned (erroneously) in 1986 by the governor with Crockett's help. In 1988, Crockett avenged the deaths of Frankel, Caitlin, and all of Hackman's other innocent victims by shooting Hackman dead as he lay relaxing at his new island home.


  • Crockett later hints that Frankel was a burned out cop by the time he was murdered in 1980. Crockett recalled how Frankel had arrested a rapist several times, and the rapist had beaten the charges through unknown means every time, to the point Frankel wanted to take the law into his own hands and physically assault the rapist, implying Frankel was losing faith in the justice system. Crockett also recalled that Frankel theorized if he felt that way, he probably had around a year left as a good cop, meaning Frankel would have quit the force around 1981.
  • Tommy Barkley claimed a lot of criminals in Miami knew Frankel was a cop and wanted him dead. Whether this was true or something fabricated to further convince Crockett of Hackman's innocence was never revealed.
  • Frankel was Crockett's first partner to be killed in the line of duty. Four years later, by which time Crockett had moved to the Vice desk, Crockett's partner Eddie Rivera was also killed in the line of duty.