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Frank Sacco


Drug Dealer
Deceased, shot down by Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs in Valerie Gordon's apartment
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Frank Sacco (1953-1985) was a drug dealer in the New York area, under investigation by the NYPD for nearly three years, but no action was taken on his case for an unknown reason (later to be revealed as the Revillas tie-in to wealthy Wall Street bankers using their influence to prevent police action). NYPD Vice Detective Valerie Gordon got close to Sacco, gathering evidence and working undercover--to the point she became his "girlfriend" and began living and sleeping together. When Gordon's old love Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs arrives on a DEA mission to bring down the Revillas, he is reunited with Gordon, but her undercover role prevents the two of them from getting together, and Sacco refuses to deal with Tubbs and James "Sonny" Crockett, citing his commitment to the Revillas. Later Sacco is turned onto who the Miami cops really are, and sends hitmen out to kill them and Jimmy Borges, they succeed in killing Borges, but Crockett and Tubbs escape, only for Tubbs to find Sacco in his apartment, he shot at Tubbs and Tubbs killed Sacco, much to Valerie's shock and horror.