Frank Pesce

Frank Pesce
Miami Vice Character

Frank Pesce appeared in the show Miami Vice as Benny, a jeweler with a history with Crockett in the episode "The Home Invaders".


Pesce made his film debut as an extra in The Godfather: Part II and then in an uncredited role in Rocky (with Burt Young). His other movie roles include Paradise Alley (with Kevin Conway), American Gigolo, Young Doctors In Love (with Michael Richards), Flashdance, Eureka and The Big Score (both with Ed Lauter), Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II (with Dean Stockwell and Paul Guilfoyle), Tower Heist (with Ben Stiller), Grudge Match (with Barry Primus), Reach Me (with Kyra Sedgwick), and his most recent role, in 2015's Creed. Pesce's TV debut came in the movie Marilyn, The Untold Story, followed by guest roles in The Greatest American Hero, Knight Rider, Airwolf, Cagney & Lacey, Matlock, Who's The Boss, Jake & The Fatman, Karen Sisco, and his most recent TV appearance, Citizen Jane (with Jon Polito).

29th Street

Pesce wrote the 1991 movie 29th Street which was based on the first winner of the New York State Lottery. Pesce himself appeared in the movie but Anthony LaPagalia (of Without A Trace fame) portrayed Pesce on screen. Despite the movie portraying Pesce winning the lottery, he never actually was the first New York Lottery winner.

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