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Frank Mosca


Mob Boss
Deceased, shot dead by Gina Calabrese in 1988
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Frank Mosca was a Miami-based mob boss, leading an empire of drugs and other vices.

1987 Trial

In 1987 Mosca was indicted on multiple RICO statues, including murder, extortion, and racketeering, based on informant testimony by a former Mosca confidente, Jack Rivers, and placed on trial in Miami Federal District Court, presided by Judge Delaporte. The lead prosecutor was Alice Carson, who brought forth numerous witnesses to Mosca's deeds. Mosca, showing his arrogant "you can't touch me" streak, defiantly ate bon-bons in the court, had five-course meals in jail, shot dead one witness, Jimmy DePalma, and used his musclemen to intimidate other witnesses in court, while his lawyer, Sid Shenker, watched. Mosca found out Rivers was the one who "snitched", set him up to be arrested for drug possession, and arranged for his death in jail while his friend, James "Sonny" Crockett, sat helpless in jail protecting Rivers' identity in court. Mosca, continuing his blatant disregard for the rule of law, had another man draw a sketch of one of the jurors, and was able to stash in the trunk of his car a briefcase full of money with a note that the money was placed there to influence his vote in deliberations. Even though the juror denied the money's existence, a mistrial was declared, and Mosca was released on $1 million bail. Rivers' son, Terry, pulled a gun on Mosca outside the courthouse but was talked out of killing him by Crockett.

1988 Return

Mosca kept a low profile until he resurfaced in 1988, making money in drugs under the cover of a spaghetti factory, and started a relationship with Metro-Dade Detective Gina Calabrese, undercover as Gina Troyano, an interior designer from South Philadelphia. Mosca's "spaghetti factory" was ran by Willy Cook, who Crockett leaned on until Cook agreed to help bring Mosca down. Mosca found out about this and Cook was killed, and he continued his relationship with Gina, which, after a night of drinking, turned romantic and they spent the night together, during this time Mosca spilled the beans about his various dealings with money laundering and drugs. Mosca's assistant, Billy, kept tabs on Gina, but Mosca had a rival, Roth, that was working on getting into Mosca's turf, but Mosca uses Roth to pass off Cook's death as being caused by his rival, and Billy uses a fake drive-by shooting to confirm the suspicions. But by now Mosca figured out Gina was a cop, and set her up to be taken to Cook's factory to be killed, but Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs follow them and a shootout begins, Gina killing Mosca and his body tumbled down a chute in the factory.