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Frank Doss is a mobster who co-owns the Shelbourne Hotel in Miami with his long-time partner Johnny Cannata. According to OCB intelligence, Doss was convicted of murder in 1943 and released in 1958, two years later he and Cannata got together in Las Vegas where they teamed up with comedian Morty Price, and they moved on to Atlantic City, then to Miami, where Cannata and Doss are trying to get a legalized casino set up. They had been arrested several times for illegal gambling but never convicted, but Doss and Price continue to make bets on tally sheets, which were in Price's room the night he was killed by Dorothy Bain, a former cocktail waitress at the same hotel who Price was attempting to rape, and those tally sheets ended up in a bag she had placed her son in. Cannata and Doss put a hit on Dorothy to recover the tally sheets, but Cannata's son Robbie (and his old friend, James "Sonny" Crockett) saved Dorothy from death.