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Frank Arriola


U.S. Customs Agent
Brother of Tico Arriola
Incarcarated, murder of Isabel Batista
Episode Appeared In
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Frank Arriola is a U.S. Customs Agent working in Miami. From age 11, he took care of his brother Tico after their parents' death, and Frank became a Customs agent while Tico became a jai-alai star. In 1983, Arriola nearly had drug dealer Morales behind bars but was released on an unspecified technicality. Three years later, Metro-Dade Detectives James "Sonny" Crockett (who is a long-time friend of he and Tico) and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs were working the Morales case and getting close, to the point that Frank asked to be let in when they were ready to bust Morales. However, Morales and Isabel Batista prepared a plan to set up Tico to be framed for the "murder" of call girl Jan Larken, which was executed flawlessly, Tico was angered by Jan's insults to his masculinity and "choked" her to death. Isabel and Morales videotaped and photographed the entire incident, and summoned Frank to let him know that unless he gave up the customs codes, they would turn over the tapes and photos to the police. Arriola was upset about this and then later that Crockett and Tubbs got a meet with Morales without telling him. Later Arriola blew Crockett and Tubbs' cover to Morales, later before their meet he called Castillo to warn him, saving the Vice cops' lives, but Morales and his middleman Silvio were killed in the car bomb. Arriola later went to Batista with the codes, but before she was to kill him Crockett and Tubbs arrive (after observing the death of Tico on the jai-alai cancha) and Batista confesses to setting Tico up, but when Arriola sees the news report of Tico's death, he shoots Batista down while she is fleeing.