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Watch Commander, Bolton Prison "D" Block
Deceased, beaten to death by inmates
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Fox was the watch commander at Bolton Prison's "D" block, near Miami. He, along with his guards, work with the Aryan Sons gang (headed by Hammer) to extort cocaine from dealers incarcerated there, or they would be killed. Ten dealers were killed recently by Fox's guards. When Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs arrives there (as Cubera, a known drug dealer) Fox originally was going to have the Aryans off him but Fox and the guard Keller decide to work with Tubbs, providing him with his own room, protection, music, food, and woman (Trudy) in exchange for two kilos of cocaine. But when Carl blows Tubbs' cover (recognizing Switek after Samson, his friend, was killed in prison), Fox and the guards mercilessly beats Tubbs, and send him out to the yard to be killed, legally, by having him near a shank confiscated from another inmate. Before Tubbs is killed, Castillo gets into jail, blows up a propane tank to distract everyone and kills the tower guards, during this time Fox runs back into the prison, where he (and Hammer) are caught by the Muslim Underground (Samson's gang), brought to the yard and beaten to death by the inmates before the police and Prison Commissioner John Rugar arrive to stop the beating.