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Fluffy Collins


Rat Killer
Wife of T. R. "Jumbo" Collins
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Fluffy Collins is the wife of B&E legend T. R. "Jumbo" Collins and live in an airplane junkyard in Miami. Fluffy is the designated "Rat Killer", shooting the rats that hang around the junkyard, and hanging up magnetic rats on their trailer marking her kills. In 1986, Fluffy and Jumbo planned on a drug deal with smuggler Jackson Crane, but it fell through when their connection, Moralez, was killed by Skip Mueller and his "pirates", and they stole the drugs, so Crane brought them SONAR equipment instead. Later Mueller brought the drugs over, but Fluffy, smelling a double-cross, helped Jumbo escape in a hail of gunfire into the junkyard, leaving the pirates a bag of counterfeit money.