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[[Category:Drug dealers]]
[[Category:Drug dealers]]
[[Category:Deceased characters]]
[[Category:Deceased characters]]

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Felix Castranova


Calderone cartel (formerly)
Drug dealer
Deceased, killed by Ludovici Armstrong
Played By

Felix Castranova (1946-1984) was a drug dealer and former associate of Esteban Calderone.

Castranova was one of the names on Calderone's hit list ahead of his prospective return to Miami, and was killed by assassin Ludovici Armstrong.


Castranova originally worked for drug lord Esteban Calderone, but elected to go into business for himself. His dealings eventually made him the subject of an OCB investigation. At around the same time, Calderone planned to resume his business in Miami, hiring professional hitman Ludovici Armstrong to eliminate his competition ahead of his return, including many of his former associates -- such as Castranova. Armstrong caught up with Castranova at his apartment, posing as his chauffeur and waiting until Castranova was inside his limousine before shooting him dead with an automatic shotgun at point-blank range.