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Felipe Cruz


Son of Mob Boss Jorge Cruz
Venture Capitalist
Helping at Father Ernesto Lupe's former AIDS Hospice
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Felipe Cruz is the youngest son of mob boss Jorge Cruz. He did not follow his brother Francesco into their father's crime life, instead making a fortune on Wall Street, but the legitimacy of his money remained in question. Felipe also kept a dark secret from his family, from the age of 12, Felipe realized he was gay (despite his being listed on the "most eligible bachelor" list in New York tabloids) and began a relationship with his childhood friend Louie Garcia. The relationship ended amicably, and Felipe continued his Wall Street career until, in 1987, he suddenly returned to Miami, most people (including OCB) assumed he was returning to take over his father's empire (angering Francesco, who has been jealous of Felipe's success and felt he would never assume the Don title he coveted), but in reality it was to see his closest family member, his uncle, Father Ernesto Lupe, who he confided in and also ran an AIDS hospice. After Ernesto's murder, Felipe decided to help with his uncle's hospice, then visited Louie, who returned to Miami earlier because he was dying from AIDS and wanted to see Ernesto. Felipe stood by Louie's side as he died, then decided to confess his true sexuality to his family, especially to his father, whom he said he cried himself to sleep from the time he found out about his homosexuality because he felt a disappointment to his father. When Felipe learned his father killed Ernesto, Felipe disavowed his family ties and left, assuming to help with the hospice.