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Evan Freed


ATF Agent
Former Metro-Dade Vice Detective and friend of James "Sonny" Crockett
Deceased, killed by Guzman
Episodes Appeared In
"A Bullet for Crockett" (archive footage)
Played By

Agent Evan Freed (1949-1985) was an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and former officer for Miami Vice. He was a remorseful bully struggling with alcoholism following his behavior towards Mike Orgel when the latter came out as homosexual.

Vice Career

Freed went through Police training in Miami, where he befriended fellow trainees Sonny Crocket and Mike Orgel. The trio were close. Crocket describes them as "The Three Musketeers" and states that they "did some serious hell raising." Having graduated from the academy, the three officers were assigned to investigate illegal drug sales at a series of nightclubs, some of which were gay bars. Orgel wished not to be part of the operation and did not state why. Freed teased Orgel that he feared that he would be recognized at the gay bars. Orgel admitted that this was true, as he was gay. Freed began to treat Orgel cruelly due to his sexuality, using homophobic slurs against him. The police department tried to find ways to get rid of Orgel. The day after he came out, he was assigned to a desk job in an attempt to marginalise him. Crocket did not know how to handle the situation and kept silent. Later Orgel committed "cop suicide" by allowing himself to get shot down by a suspect high on angel dust. Crockett and Freed both carried the guilt of Orgel's death since then.

ATF Career/Death

Freed moved to ATF and was assigned to an arms dealer named Guzman. Six months later, Freed encountered Crockett again when he and his new partner, Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, were out to get a load of Ingram MAC-10s that Guzman was selling off the streets. Freed met Crockett on his boat and talked about old times before showing Crockett his gun with a bullet in it "with his name on it". Turns out Freed has volunteered for every suicide mission since he joined ATF, almost as if the guilt within him drove him that far out. Freed later stopped by OCB, drunk, to confess to Crockett the guilt he has kept inside for years, and to confirm the deal with Guzman was finalized for that evening. During the deal, Metro-Dade Vice arrived to confiscate the arms, but not the players. Guzman went to his limo intent on killing Crockett and Tubbs, but Freed stepped in front of the shot, fatally wounding him. Crockett and Tubbs killed Guzman, then went to Freed's side, where Crockett let Freed know it wasn't his fault that Orgel died, then Evan said "Now it's your turn, Sonny", and died in Crockett's arms.