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Esteban Montoya


Drug Dealer
Incarcerated, Drug Dealing and Consipracy
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Esteban Montoya was a drug dealer who was working on a 60 kilo (key) deal with Sonny Burnett and Rico Cooper for $250,000, but Montoya's cocaine was not pure enough and they were ready to back out of the deal when a group of DEA agents arrived and arrested everyone, including the Vice detectives, and took the buy money but not the drugs. Montoya was eventually released, and it's determined that Linda Colby, a DEA agent with an ill child Brian, has worked out an agreement with Montoya to have a group of men posing as DEA agents (with her knowledge of raid procedures and access to the appropriate attire) run false raids on rival drug dealers, getting them arrested by Metro-Dade but taking the money, and dividing it up between the false agents, Montoya, and Colby, who is using the money to pay her son's and disabled husband Chuck's mounting medical expenses. Montoya wants all info on Burnett from Linda in exchange for a wad of money, and finds Burnett is a cop, so he sets up a "deal" at Calle Ocho to finish him and Tubbs for good, but Linda arrives to bust Montoya, the dealer wounds Linda before his goons are killed and Montoya is arrested for drug dealing and the conspiracy with Linda.