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Brothers Involved in Crime
Raul Escobar (leader)
Xavier Escobar
Elio Escobar
Jaime Escobar
Jaime and Raul: Incarcarated, murder, conspiracy, kidnapping
Xavier: Killed by Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs
Elio: Killed by James "Sonny" Crockett
Episode Appeared In
Played By
Julian Reyes (Raul Escobar)
Alex Paez (Elio Escobar)
Michael Hernandez (Xavier Escobar)
Eddie Castrodad (Jaime Escobar)

The Escobar Brothers are a group of brothers who have taken to a life of crime, feeling invincible because no one has caught them. They have been accused of drug dealing, robbery, vandalism, and then murder after killing Metro-Dade Detective Dickey Hawkins during another robbery attempt. The Escobars hole up in the Maze, an old, condemned hotel where squatters and homeless people use as a shelter. When they are discovered there, Metro-Dade police show up to arrest them, but an impatient Detective Tim Duryea (Hawkins' partner) bum-rushed the Maze which resulted in a brief gunfight and then the Escobars using the squatters/homeless as hostages to ensure their escape. Elio kept trying to sexually assault a homeless girl named Gabriella until her brother Georges intervened, and was killed by Elio for his efforts. Raul, the leader, negotiated a helicopter and ransom for the hostages' release from Lieutenant Jack Davis while the other brothers were rough on an undercover Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs. Finally, James "Sonny" Crockett got into the Maze and found where the hostages were held. When the helicopter arrived, all the Escobars left for the roof except Jaime, the youngest, who guarded Tubbs, but Tubbs overpowered the green Jaime and got him to police, Xavier and Elio were killed by Tubbs and Crockett, respectively, leaving only Raul, who kept using Gabrielle as a hostage to prevent his being killed, to get to the helicopter, but when confronted with Crockett, Tubbs, and ten SRT agents with guns drawn,

Jaime Escobar

Raul surrenders in tears, crying "I'm Sorry!" as he's arrested.