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Escape from Television is a 1987 album by Jan Hammer. While it is not officially associated with the Miami Vice television series, it is often considered an unofficial soundtrack as 11 of the 13 songs included are taken from the show. It contains a selection of score music from the first four seasons, although track 10 is from a separate project and as such was not featured on the show, while track 13 is an extended remix that likewise did not appear on Vice.


  • "Tubbs and Valerie" and "Forever Tonight" were released as singles in 1987 to promote the album.
  • The track "The Trial and the Search" is actually an amalgamation of two different tracks. In fact, despite both sections being used on the show on multiple occasions, they never appeared together or even in the same episode.

Track Listing

Track Title Time Notes/(First) Appears
1 "Crockett's Theme" 3:32 Single version; first heard in "Stone's War"
2 "Theresa" 3:07 "Theresa"
3 "Columbia" 2:39 "The Prodigal Son"
4 "Rum Cay" 3:05 "The Great McCarthy"
5 "The Trial and the Search" 4:55 "Golden Triangle (Part II)"/"Tale of the Goat"
6 "Tubbs and Valerie" 3:33 "Rites of Passage"
7 "Forever Tonight" 4:01 "Child's Play"
8 "Last Flight" 3:31 "One Way Ticket"
9 "Rico's Blues" 2:54 "The Great McCarthy"
10 "Before the Storm" 4:32 Not composed for Miami Vice
11 "Night Talk" 2:45 "Made for Each Other"
12 "Miami Vice Theme" 2:29 Opening of every episode
13 "Forever Tonight (Extended Mix)" 6:08 Never appeared on the show