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Ernesto Guerrero


General, Chilean National Police, Central Nacional de Informaciones (CNI)
Deceased, killed when his stolen boat rammed into rocks and exploded
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Ernesto Guerrero is a general in the Chilean National Police working for Augusto Pinochet's Dictatorship, visiting the US as an ally under the protection of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and his "handler", agent Brody. Guerrero has an active libido, as he frequents prostitutes often. He killed a prostitute, Cinder, and her pimp, Shane DuBois, for taking his picture picking Cinder up and threatening to expose him to the newspapers in exchange for $5,000. Guerrero is working with Speed Stiles to arrange for arms to be sent to Chile (circumventing the arms embargo in place at the time), including "Baseballs" (cluster bombs) which are hard to get, while being protected by Brody. When Metro-Dade Vice discover his operation, they move in (as Guerrero has no diplomatic immunity being a foreign law enforcement agent), but Guerrero takes a woman hostage and boards a plane which had no gas, after it lands he kills a samaritan in a boat (thinking Guerrero was in distress) and stealing his craft, which was wrecked into a rock formation, killing Guerrero in the resulting explosion.