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Ernest Haskell


Metro-Dade Detective Sergeant, Homicide Division
As of 1987, up for IAD investigation for his dealings with Agawa
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Ernest Haskell is a Detective Sergeant in the Metro-Dade Homicide Division, working closely with Police Commissioner Vasquez--so much so that he is actively supporting Vasquez's run for Mayor in 1988. In 1987, the murder case involving W. Colton Avery of AveryTec received attention not only from Homicide but from OCB, due to the presence of the Japanese Yazuka. Haskell was trying to make the case seem like a routine drowning since Avery was pulled from the Miami River, but the fact that Avery's lungs contained freshwater, not saltwater as the case would be if he drowned, which arouses the suspicions of OCB's Lieutenant Martin "Marty" Castillo, but Vasquez is determined to hand the case over to Homicide when Castillo requests additional time to investigate the yazuka angle. During the investigation, it's found that Haskell and yazuka member Agawa are working together with Riochi Tanaka and he blows Gina and Trudy's cover when they are trying to find out about Tanaka's connection to Avery's death. Vasquez arrives with a camera crew (due to his political aspirations) and Castillo orders Trudy's emergency beeper (which also is a recorder) activated, and Haskell's role in Tanaka's operation is exposed, and Castillo threatens to allow the media to hear all unless Vasquez stops interfering in OCB's operations, when Vasquez agrees, and the team goes to save Gina and Trudy, they find Haskell tied up in a compromising position. Haskell is assumed to have been turned over to IAD for investigation.