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Enrique Ruiz


Drug dealer
Incarcerated, murder

Enrique Ruiz was a drug dealer who smuggled his product into the United States through the Everglades, employing many local men to help him.

When one of Ruiz' former employees, Joey Bramlette, agreed to testify against him in court, Ruiz had his daughter kidnapped to try and stop him. However, she was saved by Crockett and Tubbs and Bramlette's testimony ensured Ruiz was sent to jail.


Ruiz brought his drugs into Florida through the Everglades, where he had a small army of Colombian goons assisted by many local men whom he paid handsomely for their help. His operations were frequently investigated by both local police and the DEA, but the ruthlessness of his men ensured no undercover agents ever returned from their investigative assignments. In one such instance, Ruiz executed an undercover police officer personally, the event witnessed by Joey Bramlette. Bramlette was later arrested, and in return for leniency and disgusted by his boss' ruthless methods, agreed to testify against Ruiz. The Colombian was put on trial in Miami.

Recognizing the importance of Bramlette's testimony, Ruiz sent his men to kidnap his wife and daughter, hoping to use them as leverage to stop Bramlette speaking in court; while his wife Cassie managed to escape, Bramlette's daughter Tammy was taken. However, Crockett and Tubbs helped Bramlette and several local friends rescue her, while Bramlette himself made it back to court to deliver his testimony, ensuring Ruiz was put away.