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Emilio Salazar


Commandante with unknown South American country's army
Deceased, killed in shootout with Metro-Dade Police
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Commandante Emilio Salazar was a Commandante in an unknown South American country's army, and is also under indictment in the US for an unspecified reason. He works with Carrera transport chief Cliff King to move Carrera's drug products through South America, Central America, and Mexico into the US overland, using disguised produce trucks to move the contraband by Customs. In 1988 King began working with Carrera's chief of security, Sonny Burnett, on a plan to take over the cartel and begin providing more benefits to the workers that move the product, and Burnett arranges with Salazar clearance to use air strips and his truck routes to move the products in. Salazar attempted a similar deal with Carrera's rival, El Gato, without success, as Gato did not trust him. Later, after Burnett takes over, King (feeling left out of the loop with Burnett's ascendancy) spoke with Salazar about taking care of Burnett so he (King) can run the transport operations and the cartel. After Burnett transformed back to being Crockett, the Metro-Dade policeman, he brought OCB and SRT in and Salazar was killed in a shootout.