Emilio Estefan

Emilio Estefan
Miami Vice Performer
March 4, 1953, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Gloria Fajardo (1978-present), two children

Emilio Estefan (born March 4, 1953 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba) is a Cuban-American musician and record producer whose song "Pennies in My Pocket" was featured in the Miami Vice film.


Much of Estefan's music is largely unknown outside of the Spanish-speaking community. He has received several Latin Grammy Awards for his work as producer on other Latin artists. In 2006, he recorded the song "Pennies in My Pocket" (a cover/remix of "In My Pocket" by Mandy Moore) exclusively for the Miami Vice film; it appeared on the corresponding soundtrack album. In 2010, he also worked with dozens of Latino musicians to record a Spanish-language version of Michael Jackson's "We Are The World", with all proceeds going to help the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Personal Life

Estefan met Gloria Fajardo, lead singer for the band Miami Sound Machine, in 1976 and the two became romantically involved. They later married on September 2, 1978. They have two children: Nayib (born September 2, 1980) and Emily Marie (born December 5, 1994) and live on Star Island in Miami Beach, Florida.

In 1995, one student from Howard University was killed and another was injured when their personal water craft collided with the Estefan's pleasure boat.

In 2002, a Brazilian actor who had appeared as an extra in one of Gloria Fajardo's music videos alleged that Emilio Estefan had harassed him by asking for sexual favors. The actor turned out to be a stalker who was arrested by Miami police while trying to illegally enter the Estefan mansion.

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