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Elena Obregon


Nightclub Singer
Mother of Gina Calabrese
Deceased, killed Orrestes Pedrosa in Cuba in 1961
Episode Appeared In
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Elana Obregon was a Cuban nightclub singer, who remained after the Castro Revolution. She had a daughter, Gina Calabrese (whose father was killed in the Revolution), who was two years old in 1961 when she was dating a man, Klaus Herzog, who proposed marriage, and she accepted. However, there is another man, Orrestes Pedrosa, a Revolutionary Guard in Castro's army, who loves her and his jealousy against Herzog caused him to attend Elana's performance at the El Gato Negro nightclub. Taking the attitude that "if I can't have her, no one will", Pedrosa shot Elena dead in the middle of her performance, sending Herzog into a frenzied rage that would not die, even 26 years later when both are in Miami.