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El Gato


Drug Lord, brother to Miguel Manolo
Rival to Carrera Drug Cartel
Deceased, presumed killed by Morris, a black panther, in 1988
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Ernesto Manolo, better known as El Gato, was the head of a drug cartel that moved cocaine into Miami from outside the United States. He was the brother of Miguel Manolo, head of another drug empire, until he was assassinated by Cliff King on the orders of Oscar Carrera, head of the Carrera drug empire, and chief rival to El Gato, and El Gato swore to avenge his brother's death by destroying the Carreras, beginning by arranging a hit on a party Carrera was throwing for his wife, Celeste. However, Carrera's new shooter, Sonny Burnett (who worked for El Gato's brother previously) shot down three hitmen, and Burnett later shot Gato's main shooter on orders from Carrera's son, Miguel, further angering El Gato, and he hires one of Carrera's shooters to hit Burnett and the Carreras. However, the hitter only got Miguel (Oscar was previously killed by Miguel) and Burnett killed the shooter, leaving Burnett as the head of the Carrera cartel. El Gato planned to eliminate Burnett, but Burnett's methods (killing Gato men, taking his boats) were taking their toll, to the point of crippling Gato's empire. But Burnett reverted to his Sonny Crockett persona and brought the Carrera cartel down, as Crockett left the Carrera home El Gato showed up looking for money, and Crockett guides Gato to a room where the safe is, only to find Morris, the black panther Crockett bought Celeste as a pet, and the panther leaped onto Gato, presumably killing him.