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Edward Reese


Freelance Intelligence Operative
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Edward Reese is an intelligence operative, working freelance--sometimes government sanctioned, sometimes not. Reese and Martin "Marty" Castillo have butted heads in the past, and is very cocky towards the Lieutenant's men; using muscle to intimidate them, using Castillo's first name in mocking style, and visiting him trying (and failing) to unnerve Castillo during the 1988 Martillo Borrasca case. Castillo never determined if Reese was sanctioned or not, but was fiercely protecting Borrasca for reasons unknown, even killing his bodyguard, Ramos. Later, when a boat Borrasca and his men stole was boarded by Metro-Dade, Reese scurried Borrasca away in his helicopter, only to have a mystery assassin shoot Borrasca dead with a laser-sighted rifle.