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Eduardo Vasquez


Vice Consul, Colombian Consulate
Deceased, killed by Howard Famiglia and his assistant Hector in a faked murder-suicide with Angela Mitchell
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Eduardo Vasquez was the Vice Consul at the Colombian Consulate, whose job it was to coordinate all adoptions of Colombian children and babies and approve such adoptions. Vasquez knowingly entered a conspiracy with lawyer Howard Famiglia to allow numerous undocumented adoptions of illegally adopted babies from Colombia, all of which were forcibly taken from their mothers, brought into the United States in airplanes landing in remote airstrips, and Vasquez receiving payment for each child that is successfully adopted. In 1986, a planeload of such babies was intercepted by Metro-Dade Vice (looking for drugs) and found three of the babies dead, they began an investigation and uncovered the perception of Famiglia's involvement in the illegal adoptions, but Vasquez's diplomatic immunity protects him from prosecution, but he has become uncomfortable with the publicity the plane's investigation has brought to his country and tries to back out of the arrangement, but Famiglia will not permit it, instead kidnapping Vasquez, placing him in the trunk of his car, taking him to an apartment where Angela Mitchell, a social worker also part of the conspiracy, lived, and arranged for both to be killed and made to look like a lover's murder-suicide.